About our Society

The International Society of Chronic Hypoxia (ISCH) was founded in La Paz, Bolivia during the August 2008 2nd world symposium of Chronic Hypoxia.   The original members are those who were present.  We are made up of Physicians, PhD scientists and others who share a common interest in the physiology, pathology and treatment of high altitude medical conditions of a chronic hypoxic etiology.  We span the continents of Europe, Asia ,  North and South America,  and Australia.  Our members are located in countries such as India, Russia, Denmark, Canada, USA, Bolivia, Peru, Australia, Nertherlands, Czech Republic, France and Italy.

Most members are actively engaged in research (both basic and clinical) regarding chronic hypoxia.    We are an open society that welcomes anyone who shares our interest.

We hope to have a 3rd World Symposium on Chronic Hypoxia in the upcoming years as the 1st and 2nd were such successes.  Date and location are yet unknown.

Please feel free to join us by contacting Larry Silver, M.D. current President of the society (See contact us page above).



  1. Congratulations to Larry and all the members of our newly formed Society. It will be a wonderful experience in science for the good of all high altitude residents around the world!

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